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Welcome to the official website of the Ludhiana Branch of Indian Dental Association, the premier association in Indian dentists.

There can be no achievement without action. No action is possible without a plan. No plan can be made without a vision. And no vision can arise without a dream. We have come up with the vision of a website to keep pace with the advancing technology and utilizing it in the day to day practice of dentists. Internet has made it possible to know about virtually every thing just with the click the mouse. This website will go a long way in the promotion of aims, objectives and activities of Indian Dental Association and can be a source of encouragement for the branch and its members towards that end.

We hope we can be of service to you.

Indian Dental Association Ludhiana Branch was founded in 1972 under the able leadership of late Dr. S. L. Thaper. After the formation of IDA Ludhiana Late Dr. S. L. Thapar received honorary membership of Indian Dental Association. Since Its inception Ludhiana branch has hosted 13 States Dental Conferences and 2 National all India dental Conferences. The 49th Indian Dental Conference in 1995 and Second 59th Indian Dental Congress in 2006. It has given Three Vice Presidents and Two Presidents at national Level. Late Dr. D. K. Sabharwal in 1995 and Dr. Bhagwant Singh in 2005 Dr. Bhagwant Singh is also the Vice President of (Asian Pacific Dental Federation) for the Year 2006-07. Under his guidance the Ludhiana IDA Branch has risen to great heights.

Having 25 state branches and 190 local branches, IDA represents over 40,000 dedicated dental professionals as its members. We maintain the dignity and honour of the profession and of our members. We fully perceive the importance of oral health for each and every individual, so lead the efforts towards that goal of complete dental health for all.